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Terms & Conditions

After you make your reservation, you will have 10 days to pay half of the amount of the trip to SailOceanViking.

No later then six weeks before the departure date, the full amount needs to be paid to SailOceanViking.

SailOceanViking also advises customers to buy trip cancellation insurance in case of possible unexpected circumstances (such as illness) before departure.

Sailing is not a dangerous pursuit. Nevertheless there is always some risk involved in sailing. The circumstances on the water and the local weather situation are not always easy to predict and vary during a trip. A high wave, an unexpected movement, walking on a moving deck, can all be the cause of accidents or personal injuries.

SailOceanViking does not accept any liability for these risks, which we assume are well understood by all participants. Nor do we accept liability for the loss, damage, or theft of personal belongings, including cash. Individuals are wholly responsible for their personal safety and for the safety of their belongings.

As a result of September 11th 2001, liability insurance coverage has become difficult to obtain. SailOceanViking, operating in diverse international locations can not obtain adequate insurance. Therefore, SailOceanViking must make it very clear that we can not accept liability for any risk, whatsoever, in connection to the trips or other activities that SailOceanViking offers. Nor can we accept liability for any activities that are connected with our trips. All clients of SailOceanViking need to be aware of this and acquire their own travel insurance.

The skipper of SailOceanViking has complete authority over the ship and those on board. He has the right, at any time, to change the plans or itinerary due to weather or other circumstances. For safety and security reasons, guests on board Ocean Viking must follow the orders of the skipper at all times.

In case it is necessary for SailOceanViking to cancel a trip, any money that has already been paid to SailOceanViking will be completely and fully refunded.

SailOceanViking holds the person who placed the order (confirmed the trip) with SailOceanViking responsible for payment and for notifying SailOceanViking of any changes. This is true even if the person has placed an order for other persons.

Cancellations are possible; however there will be charges for cancellations. The costs are the down payment you made, if you cancel earlier than six weeks prior to departure. If you cancel within six weeks of the departure date, the cost will be 100% of the total amount.

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We welcome you aboard!

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