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The islands of the Caribbean form a fantastic arc from St. Thomas to Trinidad. They are traditionally described as the Leeward Islands in the north and the Windward’s in the south.

This string of volcanic and coral islands are surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters, cooled by constant easterly trade winds and filled with color. They provide a unique variety of island scenery and offer in different ways something for everyone. From spectacular tropical forest hillsides and waterfalls, excellent diving and snorkeling with corals and colorful fish, safe swimming, white sand beaches, historic forts, sleepy villages and bustling markets, bars, fashionable restaurants and shopping and an easy going lifestyle. The list could go on forever. Seldom too hot, never cold, they offer beautiful scenery and some of the best sailing in the world.

While they are typically only a few hours sailing from one another, they represent a range of island nations with diverse cultures, different geography and often local language too, having been influenced over the centuries by the British, French, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Americans and others.

When you sail around with Ocean Viking even the small uninhabited unspoiled islands and hidden places away from the tourist crowds are easy reachable and just waiting to be discovered.

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