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The Caribbean Islands are well-known for its white sandy beaches bordered by palms. On the habited islands you’ll find various entertainment ranging from serious night life to creole cultural festivities. You can eat at one of many restaurants, sip cocktails in bars and dance to warm, often lively Caribbean music. Each island has its traditions, believes and rituals and there are many different festivities. One of the best known traditional festivals is the Carnival that takes place on most of the islands, when elaborate costumes are worn and everything is wrapped up in music and vivid colours.

Diving and snorkelling are among the most attractive activities. Warm and crystal clear waters, endless coral reefs, lush maritime vegetation, exotic plants and colorfull fish make the Caribbean a below surface paradise. With water this clear, you'll want to jump in and see what's down there. The easiest way is snorkeling. If you can swim and breathe, then you're set. We have all the gear and can help beginners get started.

You will see tons of tropical fish in these waters as well as living reefs while safely on the surface or just below it. If you're looking for more bottom time,

Scuba diving can be arranged, at cost, with several dive operators.

Your days will be spent cruising between the many island and islets, stopping to explore bays, beaches and caves,

sunbathing and relaxing on the sundecks and

swimming in a warm blue sea.

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