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Sail Ocean Viking and let's embark on a sailing adventure that will take you to the far side of paradise!

Ocean Viking is an elegant, fast and seaworthy sailing yacht. Aboard Ocean Viking you may set your own course, design your own itinerary and relax in comfort.

Just enjoy life or take a turn on the helm and help hoisting sails. Our cruises are extremely popular with persons of all ages and all walks of life.

Welcome aboard Ocean Viking

Sail on a comfortable and affordable Yacht in the Caribbean

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A sailing holiday in the Caribbean means enjoying ideal sailing grounds. The always present easterly trade winds guarantee great sailing conditions. Imagine water temperatures around 29 degrees Celsius, around 15 to 20 knots of winds, turquoise seas and pearly white beaches. Palm trees wave in the wind and beyond the beach the friendly locals, creole villages, Caribbean cuisine and tropical cocktails await you. This is the decorum of your Holiday!


We welcome you aboard!

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