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SailOceanViking is specialised in skippered sailing trips to the most beautifull spots in the Caribbean.

Whether you are a single person, couple, family or a group of friends, everyone is guaranteed a good time. It doesn’t matter if you are into sailing or would rather lie in the sun all day. During the trip you are only expected to help out from time to time. You can help with hoisting sails, steer the boat, drop the anchor, prepare breakfast or lunch. Dinner is most of the times taken ashore in one of the local restaurants.

Ocean Viking’s skipper is there to ensure your safety, comfort and peace of mind. The skipper has first-hand knowledge of the sailing area and he will act as a tour guide, helping you set the agenda for your trip and point out the best restaurants, tourist destinations, moorings, and beaches according to your preferences.

Before we set sail we put money in an onboard kitten, which is then managed by one of the participants. From this wallet we pay all our common costs like food, beverages, water, fuel, mooring, marina and custom fees. According to established custom, the skipper is exempt from a contribution.

Sailing together, enjoying unknown shores, eating and celebrating the Caribbean creates a pleasant group atmosphere and a lot of fun.

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We welcome you aboard!

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